What to Look for in an Electric Golf Trolley

Those who play golf understand that quick-wittedness and accuracy are prequisties for the game. Unlike other games, it does not require a standardized playing area and instead uses expansive terrains with diverse topographies. A golfer is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in the bag and typically must finish a game using the same set of clubs he started with. He needs to lug around multiple clubs so that he can readily swap them to suit a particular terrain or task. Trolleys saves its user the hassles of lugging his golf clubs and other stuff around for the entire game. In the past, players had to arduously pull and push manual carts or shell out a few bucks to hire caddies to do the carrying for them.

Nowadays, golfers don’t leave home without their trolleys. A golf trolley is not cheap, hence, it would be to your best interest to avoid buying impetuously. Prices range at $ 500 to $ 1,500, so scout for one that is worth every penny.

Built, user-friendliness, and terrain adaptability are just some of the characteristics you should be considering when shopping for golf trolleys. Aluminum, steel and titanium are the most common materials used. Each has its own selling point and limitation. Some are more expensive than others, while others don’t work as well in certain terrain conditions, pebbly footpaths for example. Then, there are trolleys which are lightweight but pose the problem of being easily knocked over.

Trolleys come in different sizes as well. So the dimensions of your car’s compartments should be taken into consideration as well. Larger ones definitely will cost more but come with added storage space for other golf paraphernalia. Then again a big trolley can be very cumbersome, especially if you broke or misplaced its remote control.

Lastly, golf courses have different topographies. That said, getting an all-terrain drive system is highly recommended.

Inexpensive does not necessarily mean low quality. There are a lot of trolleys on the market that are inexpensive yet still very much reliable.

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