choosing a fishing rod for blue catfish

The cost ought to be your first factor to look at. Always stay within your budget. I is able to’t afford the valuable rods so I don’t even feel of them. Second, you ought to search at the rod length. Long rods are needed for bank fishing. select a rod that is a minimum of 7 foot. A boater that does a lot of drift fishing only needs a rod that is 7 feet long maximum.

After that, we ought to be looking at the action of the rod. Most individuals need to select a rod action of medium but big flathead catfish call for a big action rod. If you want to pull in larger blue catfish, we have to big action rods. Light action rods may be fun to live around but don’t work well for larger catfish.

Don’t fret about the size of the line recommended for your rod. Using big weights might break smaller rods, so make sure to have a stronger one. Try to stay around a slower casting motion to put reduced strain upon the rod.

Economical doesn’t mean bad in catfish fishing. near flathead catfish devour and run so we will not have to worry about feeling a fish bite. They last a long time.

If we plan to acquire a new rod, stay around these tips. Focus along what is important to we and disregard the rest. If you are in the market for a new rod, we need to take a look at Ugly Stiks. Find a rod that works for you. Remember that we will be stuck with this rod for a number of about time.

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